Four Foods & Drinks You Didn’t Know Were Gluten Free

Thanks to the rise of celiac and gluten allergies, there has been a growth in gluten-free food. But many people don’t know that there are more than just ‘bread’ gluten free options. There has been a boom in creations over the last few years, and in a bid to help you, we spoke to one of the leading gluten free bakery in Sydneyin Gluten Free 4 U about the options out there for you with four of the unknown meals and beverages out there for you.


Beer has wheat – but thanks to the rise of gluten-free demands, there is now gluten free beer! Yes, the taste isn’t the same and it is not going to have the same impact with flavour, but they are still delicious and still have the alcohol content (if that is what you are worried about). Get ready to enjoy again with an array of gluten-free beer options!


People love cakes, and thanks to the amount of gluten in most of them, lots of people couldn’t eat them. But thankfully, with the rise of gluten free bakeries across the country, you will be able to get gluten free cakes in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the rest of Australia. With an array of cake options available at your fingertips, you will be able to enjoy all tastes that come with these cakes.


You wouldn’t think it, but thanks to an array of bread being gluten-free, there is no surprise that wraps are now offered in gluten free options. The problem is that many people don’t know about this option. They only think of bread, but don’t think that wraps are available. Now you do – so if you ever want to have a wrap that is gluten free, the option is yours!


Yes! One of the most popular meals now is available in a gluten-free option. Pizza has long been a staple for many people, but those with allergies, always struggled with eating it. Well, pizza is now available in gluten free. You will be able to enjoy it with all your favourite toppings and eat it with your family and friends. The options are available at bakeries, supermarkets and some selected pizza restaurants.

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